Market Access

AgriEdge Market Access
Often growth and progress within new industries are hampered by their ability to export to lucrative foreign markets where the demand for the product is well established. Various qualification criteria related to achieving market access to special markets have to be in place and relevant mitigation and other conditions need to be negotiated with the importing country’s industries and authorities. Agri Edge is in a position to deliver specialised market access and industry enabling services with regards to regulatory aspects for new/minor/speciality crop Industries. 

Agri Edge has expertise to facilitate projects on market access:

  1. Specialist services regarding SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary) matters related to
  2. International trade of Agri products and plant propagating material.
  3. Food safety related issues and registration of chemical remedies.
  4. Food Quality issues – trade related

Some of the market access related services offered include supplying and developing of technical information, compilation of phytosanitary information packages, developing of quality standards, developing of databases, surveys, facilitating of related research and development projects and representation on relevant national and international Forums. Our services can also be delivered to industries and authorities in African countries.

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