Development & Training Services

AgriEdge is an accredited training services provider with experienced trainers who have extensive knowledge and qualifications in all components of the complete agriculture value chain. Our training programs are designed to fit and enable trainees to optimize their capacity in their careers.

AgriEdge service business meeting
AgriEdge Service small plants growing

Agro-Processing Services

The AgriEdge and development programs are value chain driven and agro-processing is part and parcel of the program. A two-week short course in agro-processing, as well as a two-month intermediate course, is available to trainees.

Production & Agri Project Management Services

AgriEdge facilitates the start of Agri projects (mainly fresh produce) and participates in leading new Agri role players from the position of entering and agri-business (such as primary production units, small farmers, etc.) to a point where they become self-sustainable and successful contributors to the economy.

Market Access

The key to fresh produce export is compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary as well as quality conditions of importing countries. AgriEdge offers a specialized service in obtaining and maintaining various targets for Specialised Crop Associations in the process of achieving market access to specific markets.